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Real Estate Short Sales in Jacksonville | Florida Family Realty
REO’s & Short Sales
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Service for Short Sales

    Are You Upside Down on Your Mortgage?
    Behind on Your Mortgage Payments?
    Have You Been Threatened with Foreclosure?

Florida Family Realty is short sale and REO certified.  We have negotiators that will contact your lender and negotiate a short sale on your behalf.  We are experts in default property management, which includes REO’s and short sales.

Florida Family Realty offers full service default management providing BPO’s, property preservation services, marketing and listing services for asset managers and lenders.

Benefits of a Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

  1. A short sale is far less damaging to your credit.
  2. Under current loan guidelines, you can purchase a new home much sooner than if you have a foreclosure on your credit.
  3. It is also possible to receive some hardship money from the lender at closing for help with moving expenses.

In foreclosure, the lender will in most cases get a deficiency judgment against you for the shortage between what you owe and what they recovered after all the foreclosure expenses.  In a short sale, it is possible to negotiate no deficiency, or one that is much lower than you would get in a foreclosure situation.

Send us a question to see if a short sale is right for you.

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